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My oil sketch of rembrandt.

Happily married with two grown up children, I have been interested in art since I was very young. I remember being amazed whenever I saw a picture of an old master painting or the scenes in church stain glass windows. 

I was born in 1959 near the coast in southern England and was educated in ordinary state run schools. also spent some years in NSW Australia during my school days. On leaving school I went into construction with my father focusing on historic lime work.

The only formal art training I had was in school and art was the only subject I really enjoyed or had any interest in. 
Winning a school life drawing competition is what really started my interest in art.
So seeming to have some talent for drawing I decided to teach myself to paint in oils and watercolour.

My other interests include bird watching on the coast or in the countryside with my wife. When I was young I used to do boxing and karate. Nowadays I'm just keen on watching it. 
I still follow Boxing, MMA and Bath rugby quite closely.
I consider myself to be an impressionist painter as, although I sometimes paint in a more realistic way, I enjoy painting in an impressionistic style more. 
I just try to make the most beautiful painting I can really.

This painting is one of my favourites and I will never part with the original. It's of my lovely wife birdwatching at Radipole lake in Weymouth on the south coast of England.
We love going birdwatching and on this particular morning this exiting scene unfolded in front of us when a Marsh Harrier flew in really close and was being mobbed by Gulls.
The Marsh Harrier got away OK!
It's oil on stretched linen and about 12x16" 


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