Corfe Castle, a totally original painting from start to finish.

I thought it would be better for Corfe Castle to be a moody and dramatic painting, although only a little picture, I think I managed to capture that.

I made the initial sketch of the castle from around the back of the village and used this as reference to paint from.

Being one of the most identifiable places in the Dorset landscape I really wanted to do it justice. I decided to do this painting in a somewhat impressionistic way, but it is also fairly accurate.

I wanted the surface I was to paint it on to be very rough for this so I chose a rigid board which I prepared myself. I added a strong modelling paste prior to painting. The modelling paste is a mixture of polymer emulsion and marble dust. I applied it with a palette knife to make it even rougher.

I used a limited palette of Titanium white, Ivory black, Venetian red and Yellow ochre  only to paint Corfe Castle. It always amazes me what can be painted with just two colours plus black and white.

The frame itself is also an original, a one off. I painted this frame myself as I wanted it to look older and more rugged. I also aged the back of the frame, sticking a label made by me stating the details of this painting. Then I used my personalised wax stamp on it.

Corfe Castle
Original painting unframed

(from front)

Framed , view from back.

Limited edition print's 
Limited to 400 only
Greetings cards are also available of this image

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