I have always loved Turner's paintings ever since I was young. I have admired his paintings's in books and magazines and I have loved going to the national gallery in London to see his work. Two years ago I took my wife to the Turner Contemporary in Margate especially to see his work, what a lucky woman!
When I painted 'Towards Salterns Point' I painted it in the style of a Turner, although it was a scene in Poole, Dorset and my own composition.

I like to age some of my frames and the back of paintings to make them look like antique's. I just think ageing the frame and board adds a bit more interest to the painting and it's not just a white board or panel at the back of the picture. I had a very small plain wooden frame to fit a painting of only 9 x 9cm. I also like doing old master copies and thought thought I would paint Turner's Off the Nore.
My version of this painting is square and the original isn't so it's not a perfect copy. I really enjoyed painting this as I was sort of following in Turners footsteps where this painting is concerned.
After I finished painting the picture and the frame, I then added my personalised wax seal.
I am very happy with the way the frame and back of my painting came out.
II oil painting by Ian Money
Off the Nore


Back of frame


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