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Dorset scenes

Original Paintings of Dorset scenes and other subjects.

All Hallows, Wimborne St Giles

Oil on stretched linen

Lower Lillington

Oil on primed paper

A beautiful Dorset scene near Sherborne

Glowing Dawn
Oil on canvas

The morning sun burns through the darkness to give a beautiful sunrise.

After the rain
Acrylic on canvas board

Based on a moment from beautiful
Dorset village Tarrant Launceston, after heavy rain.
The autumn leaves are still on the trees 
but, winter is approaching fast.
It's getting colder and it's time to light the open fire's to warm the cosy cottage.

A Lovely Day Ahead
Oil on linen

A beautiful winter morning. 
The sun is rising and is trying to peak through the mist.
High up on the Dorset Downs, 
beautifully fresh, the air is sweet 
and clean. 
The view is partially hidden and only the tops of the rolling hills are revealed  by the hazy morning mist.
I looks like it will be a lovely day.

For a  totally original gift or just for your collection. A beautiful painting of red roses with warm misty qualities.

August Days
Oil on stretched linen
A beautifully warm and relaxed scene.
The cat is lazing in the hot weather, something has caught his eye
just out of view but he's way too comfortable to go and investigate.
A freshly washed sheet is airing on the line, juicy red apples are 
growing on the trees and an abundance of pink roses cover the bushes.
This is the scene here on August Days.

Original oil painting of Sandbanks Ferry on golden waves. Ideal for a collector or someone who loves Sandbanks.

Honey Bee's and Apple Tree's
Oil on canvas board

A beautiful walled garden in England. 
Sweet peas and a multitude of colourful 
plants & flowers glow in the summer sun.
Look past the potting shed and in the distance Bee hives and apple trees can be seen further down the garden. 

23.7 x 19.2 cm
  Oil on canvas mounted on board  

A nice simple still life painted in an impressionistic style.
This painting has lovely colour to it that really works.

A beautiful still life of red roses, an ideal and original gift for a special someone who loves red roses.

Towards Salterns Point
Oil on Aluminium
A lovely painting looking towards Salterns Point from Banks Road.
A gorgeous sunset on Poole Bay with sail boats enjoying the last light of a hot summers day.
Salterns Point is on the right, Brownsea island on the left and the sun is setting on Poole in the distance.

A beautiful hand painted original still life of fruit and a jug.

Poole Bay
13.0 x 18.3 cm
  Oil on stretched canvas
A painting of an evening in Poole Bay.
It shows windsurfers and sailboats having fun on the water. 
Brownsea island is in clear view and the Purbeck hills are in the distance. 
Sandbanks marina can be seen on the left.

Ideal for a country lover, a rural landscape and sunrise.

Red Roses
Oil on linen 12x10"

A lovely still life on stretched linen. A really warm painting with misty qualities. 
I actually changed this several times until I got it exactly as I wanted it. This looks  so beautiful framed.

Original oil painting of an English farmhouse in summer. Ideal for a landowner or collector of fine art.

Sandbanks Ferry
Oil on board 
It's a beautiful summers evening and the chain ferry has just left the shore at Shell Bay and is heading to Sandbanks.
 Although it's a warm evening there is a slight mist rising.
Yachts in the distance reflect white sails on blue and golden waves.

A beautiful painting of an English country garden. Contact Ian Money for purchase details.

Corfe Castle
10.7 x 22.5mm
Oil on knife primed board

A moody scene, it's early morning and the sun is just breaking through, lighting up Corfe Castle.

Please click the image to see this painting in it's frame and to find more info on this painting.

A lovely hand painted impressionistic still life, totally original, a great gift.

Chinese Pot and English Roses

27.3 x 23.9 cm  
Oil on canvas mounted on board
Another painting of red roses. 
I wanted this one to look as if you have just opened the door to a darkened room and before you switch the light on you can just see whats inside with a really soft light catching the roses and pot.
This painting has a really relaxing and quiet feel to it.

Olive Jug with Fruit
20 x 30 cm
  Oil on linen on board

This painting looks stunning in a frame. 
I painted it with as much mood and atmosphere as I could.
I think this still life has great colour, feeling and beauty.

A great gift of wind surfers on the water in Poole bay Dorset

Off the Nore
9 x 9 cm
Acrylic on board

This is a small copy of J M W Turner's beautiful painting 'Off the Nore'.
Sometimes I paint old master copy's and I thought I would paint Off the Nore as I love Turner's paintings like this.
This is very small and I think it would qualify as a miniature but I'm not sure if it would in it's frame.
I am antiquing the frame to make it look old and when complete it will be able to be seen by clicking the picture.

Own an original hand painted copy of old master Rembrandt, contact Ian Money

Oil on primed paper

My version of a Rembrandt self portrait.
This is an oil painting but I painted it 
on primed paper. 
It started as a quick oil sketch in my 
sketchbook but I kept going with it and worked it up into a finished painting.
I can glue this to a board and frame it as a normal oil painting or I could frame it as a watercolour behind glass for extra protection.


See more of my paintings on instagram

Video by Wedart Studios

I have added this stunning video from youtube of the Sandbanks area in Poole made by Wedart Studios as it shows so beautifully the actual places that I paint in real life.
It shows many of the areas I have painted including views of Brownsea Island, Poole Bay, Studland Bay, Old Harry Rocks and the Sandbanks peninsular and the sunset views towards Salturns Point and Poole Town.
If you are interested I have listed the times on the video that show a place I have painted.

Sandbanks Ferry.... 0:25s and 0:57s
Poole Bay and Kitesurfing in Poole Bay.... 0:5s and 0:34s
Old Harry Rocks, several times.... 2:33s
Towards Salturns Point....3:57s

I happened across this video recently and thought it would be nice to share it here.
I have looked at some of Wedart Sudios other videos and they are beautiful too.

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