Stonehenge is a dramatic painting that materialised out of an idea and a doodle on a piece of paper. Obviously I 
didn't have models like these to paint from so I just used my imagination. 

Being interested in Stonehenge I tried to think about what it would have been like in those ancient times in the Wiltshire landscape and what an atmospheric segment would have looked like from then, I may be totally wrong but it's just my take on it.

This painting of Stonehenge was painted with a limited pallet and the canvas used was glued to a board, sometime I use canvas from a roll and glue the smaller paintings to board and it gives a nice rigid support.

This painting measures 10 3/4 x 9 3/4 inches or 273 x 243 mm in metric.

Stonehenge by Ian Money
For sale
Framed and ready to hang
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Stonehenge is a oil painting by Ian Money

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