Towards Salterns Point is a lovely painting and is one of my favourites  I decided to paint it in an impressionistic style.  The view over Poole bay is one of the most beautiful in the world in my opinion, and is much loved by many people.

Again this painting was inspired by a photo I took when walking at Sanbanks with my wife. We were looking towards Salterns Point when I took the photo and thought it might make a good painting, as it was reminiscent of a Turner, the great old master of seascapes. 

I think it has turned out well and is a thing of beauty. I am very proud of this painting and the print is also stunning.

A very tranquil scene and with beautiful hues of blue's, purple and gold, I am sure the original painting or the limited edition fine art print of this would grace any home.

I wanted it to be a tranquil scene and I think I achieved it.

I painted the original in oil on an aluminium board, thought to be the most archival of all painting surfaces. The print is a Giclee and is on best quality paper.

Towards Salterns Point
Ian Money

Available as a limited edition fine art Giclee print also

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