Winter Sunrise in Dorset is an impressionistic oil painting roughly copied from a photo I took in Long Bredy, Dorset,  just as the sun was rising.                
It was a lovely morning, the wildlife were beginning to stir, there was mist at the foot of the trees in the distance and the rising sun was reflecting in the pond.                                                                         
The grass was wet with morning dew and in turn this reflected the sun in places.                                                                                             
I painted this picture on 1/8 inch board primed with a new non absorbent acrylic primer from Michael Harding.
Only a very limited palette was used to paint this picture.
I have found a nice frame for it and will be selling it framed.

I varnish my paintings as late as possible to allow the the paint to cure properly so as soon as it sells I then varnish before sending it off.

Winter Sunrise in Dorset 


Ian Money


185 x 262 mm or 7 1/4 x 10 5/16 inches

For sale - £220 

Framed and ready to hang / Free Uk Delivery

Please email me for payment details and international delivery cost.

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