A few of my paintings I am still working on

We managed to take the kids to Disney in Florida back in the nineties.
While we were there we visited NASA,  just as a shuttle was landing, we 
couldn't see it but we heard the double boom as it broke the sound barrier
and the radio conversation with the astronauts, which was great.
We were able to go inside a stationary shuttle and really enjoyed it.
I started this not long after we got home, believe it or not, that was in 1996/7.
 I put two coats on it, then put it away to dry and forgot about it. 
I will carry on with it next year!
The face of Jesus.
 This is only a part of my version of brilliant 
old master Leonardo Di Vince's, Salvator Mundi.
The finished painting will show Christ blessing the viewer.
The name means saviour of the world in Latin.

A small oil on canvas of Old Harry Rocks.
haven't decided whether to add boats yet.
It's a lovely little painting as it is though.
Still life
I need to add something to this small oil on canvas to enhance 
it a bit more. This has over 700 likes on instagram as it is! 5x7


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